How to reset 5B00 error on Canon IP 2700?

Tech on your Pc is teaching you how to reset the 5B00 error on your Canon IP 2700 Printer.

You are the victim of difficulty troubleshooting your Canon IP 2700 printer? Are you so tired to reset your printer? This time is your chance to know that your Canon printer troubleshoots will be solve now.

Guys, I want to share also my ability to troubleshoot of our canon printers like Canon IP 2700. Some errors displaying on the screen/monitor like the error code 5B00. Now how you can resolve that problem? We have the limit of 3 steps to resolve it. This troubleshooting is basically only.

Before we move or handle the printer we need to find the resetter and download it. I’ll give you the example of Canon Resetter, find this resetter (PCM ServiceTool) just search only to download it.

We always notice the troubleshooting is displaying errors like the waste is almost full, blinking of red color on the RESUME button, etc. So what are you next targeting? That message display is telling you that your printer is need to reset.

Just follow the step by step below:

Step No. 1.

First is need to turn off/switch off your printer, just click the power switch off (wait of 5 seconds)then push the RESUME button and hold also the power switch off (wait of 5 seconds) then press the resume button just 5 times only then hit and to concur. Then after that just wait a seconds only and observe if the red blinking is now gone.


Step No. 2.

Prepare and extract the resetter  (PCM ServiceTool). After extracting, just look/search the file “servicetool.exe” on the file directory folder and double click to run, Options Menu will display and next is click reload button and we see the New USB port installing.

After doing that you are allowed to load of some papers in your Canon printer then just press only the “Main Button”, just wait again in a few seconds or minutes it depends on your computer speed, this case error001 will display, so what are you next move? Just press OK only.

In the Options Menu of (PCM ServiceTool) resetter. Press the “EEPROM” button, so we will notice that your  printer will print of some texts, after printing just click OK.

Step No. 3.

And the last time, you will need to switch off your printer. And switch on again. That’s all guys, I hope you can understand and get what I mean.

Other troubleshooting of Service Tool:

In the Service Tool hang-up or non responding the program after clicking the “Main button”

Displaying Error 006

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