Talk N Text Promos 2013 (TNT) – New Promos

I’m also waiting for the Talk N Text Promos 2013 (TNT), I’ve already observed and experience the some of other promos of Talk N Text is now on valid from 2012 to 2013. I have list of TNT promo that still valid until now. So if you are the Talk N Text or Smart users you allow to use the some specific promos. The promos is open Talk N Text Sim cards only to register the said promos. All of the promos is old and until now is still valid. I think Talk N Text Promos is now one of the most high searching of the people that want to know the latest or new promos of Talk N Text this year of 2013. At the same time i also already successful to try my numbers that register to TNT Promos. I recommended for you and for me try the Talk N Text promos 2013.

here’s the list of TNT Promos:

GU30 – 2 days Unlimited Text to Smart and TNT plus additional 20 minutes of call.
- text GU30 to 4545
- P30 valid of 2 days

GA55 – 550 text to all networks plus additional 55 mins of call to Smart/TNT.
- GA55 to 4545
- P55 required to avail the promo

STOK30 – 4 days of call to TNT/Smart 45 minutes only
- STOK30 to 4545
- P30 to avail the promo

STEX15 – 200 texts to Smart/TNT subscribers valid of 2 days only.
- STEX15 to 4545
- P15 per register

GA30 – 300 texts to all networks plus additional 30 minutes of call to Talk N Text and Smart valid of 2 days
- GA30 to 4545
- P30 required to reg.

STOK15 – 20 minutes call to Smart and TNT valid of 2 days.
- STOK15 to 4545
- P15 per register

GU15 – Unlimited text to TNT/Smart users plus additional 15 minutes of call valid of 1 day
- GU15 to 4545
- P15 to avail the promo

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