Globe GOUNLI Promos 2013 – GOUNLI25 and GOUNLI30

The said promos are available to Globe subscribers only. If you feel like to use the internet just use the GOUNLI30 because this promo is allow you to connect in your account to facebook. Then, if you feel like to Chat just try to use the GOUNLI25 the free Viber Chat valid of 1 day only. GOUNLI25 is valid of 1 day unlimited call and text to Globe and TM plus FREE Viber Chat and the good news if No WIFI needed. GOUNLI30 is around of unlimited calls to Globe/TM plus unlimited texts to all Networks plus additional Facebook valid of 1 day only.

How to Register GOUNLI30?

To register, simply text UNLI30 and send to 8888
- valid of 1 day
- Unlimited Call to Globe/TM
- Unlimited texts to all networks
- P30 to avail the promo
- plus access to Facebook

You may try the available Promo for GOUNLI

- 1 day for only P30
- 3 days for only P80
- 7 days for only P180
- 30 days for only P750

To register, simply text UNLI30 or GOUNLI30 / GOUNLI80 / GOUNLI180 / GOUNLI750 to 8888. You can also register for FREE via *143# under choose your promo.

How to Register GOUNLI25?
- simply dial *143# then select the GoSAKTO or just text GOUNLI25 and send to 8888
- valid of 1 day
- unlimited calls and texts to All Globe/TM subscribers only
- FREE Viber Chat
- P25 only to avail the promo
- no WIFI needed

You may try the GOUNLI25 partner promos:

- P67 valid of 3 days
- P150 valid of 7 days
- P600 valid of 30 days

Enjoy your GOUNLI Promos of Globe…

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